''I was swallowed by a huge goldfish
in the bowl I lived in…''

My life is a continuous contemporary art performance that takes place ritually and daily within a perpetual multimedia installation.
There is no boundary line between my life and my art.



Art is the testimony of our changes over time.
This awareness must be followed outside the constraints of fashion, trends and the market.
The artist must represent only himself and must keep up with himself, with the updates of his unconscious documented through his Art!

The final goal is to escape any definition, and at the same time accept all the definitions that the surrounding world (also changing) tends to label them.
Establish a connection with the spectator, but vertically, on the line of the Spirit and outside the Space where Time acts.
In this connection, Art only acts as an intermediary!

With my art I am recreating the puzzle of my experience of Eternal Life Past, Present and Future in a single hologram.
Art serves to self-remember.
Art serves to unite all reincarnations like a necklace of black and white pearls on a single thread. Red .
Art serves to frame one’s soul in the Perpetual Calendar.

I trust in the immediate intuition of the viewer, I respect the value of his action and I appreciate the courage to question himself through my Art.

Thank you!